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Trunk show today Czech it out!
20:03, 4th March GMT

New Kit-Trunk Show-Amy Katz
21:03, 2nd March GMT

Free Shipping
19:02, 27th February GMT

Winter Kit Sale- Upcoming Classes
19:01, 28th January GMT

Kazuri Trunk Show in Process
00:01, 11th January GMT

Get $20.00 -$100 FREE But Hurry
01:12, 31st December GMT

Get $20.00 -$100 FREE But Hurry
23:12, 30th December GMT

Two new guest teachers announced!
21:12, 28th December GMT

Last day to save 22% OFF Kits
00:11, 29th November GMT

Sale today In Store and on Web
20:11, 25th November GMT

sherry serafini trunk show today
18:11, 17th November GMT

New Kits, Upcoming classes
01:11, 16th November GMT

Upcoming Classes and Events
23:10, 31st October GMT

Classes and Kits
00:10, 29th October GMT

Classes, kits and more
21:10, 19th October GMT

upcoming events
01:10, 11th October GMT

Oops Wrong date
04:10, 8th October GMT